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Aslan Technologies is a design and manufacturing company serving the chemical, water and wastewater treatment industries.

Aslan Technologies plant and office in Burlington, OntarioSince 1992, Aslan has grown its Engineering, Project Management and Manufacturing capabilities to find the right solution to a problem and deliver that solution on time and on budget.

Aslan has developed these capabilities by serving the world's largest specialty chemical manufacturer's as an OEM manufacturer. In this demanding role, Aslan has gained experience in providing both standard and custom equipment to a wide variety of market sectors - worldwide.

Worldwide, manufacturers must comply with wastewater regulations and often have to spend millions of dollars transporting wastewater for treatment. Aslan can help you eliminate the money you spend on wastewater transportation and disposal fees by building in treatment at the source, allowing you to safely discharge process water in compliance with local regulations.

Utilizing our complete system design approach, Aslan has been listed by the US State Department as a preferred supplier for the water treatment equipment for their embassy complexes all over the world.

Demonstrating Aslan's abilities to integrate design, manufacturing and project management we also design and construct Drinking and Waste Water Treatment Facilities, and the related support structures, serving small residential communities. Not only did these systems include the standard water treatment equipment but Aslan was responsible for the entire project including, specification development, earth works, piping and all structures.'One-stop-shopping', with no finger pointing!

As a licensed electrical contractor, Aslan Technologies has a strong working knowledge of UL, CSA, CE and other international requirements. With our in-house panel production, Aslan ensures the entire system is certified by 3rd party inspection, not just the panel.

Our process expertise ensures the proper integration of a whole system, not just an assembly of individual components. We not only know how to connect the parts, we know why the parts are needed and to make them work together as intended. By encompassing Engineering, Project Management, Fabrication, Electrical, Electronics and Product Development along with our process expertise under one roof, you can be assured that our motto of ‘Innovate – Design – Build’ is an every day reality at Aslan Technologies. Find us on Google+

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